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The Sweat Edit by Lulumum is an authorized retailer for Lorna Jane. 

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Why shop at Sweat Edit? 

I discovered Lorna Jane several years ago and fell in love with the brand, in particular the amazing bras. Lorna Jane was virtually impossible for Canadians to order online and without retail outlets to shop from, I was stuck searching out Lorna Jane stores whenever I went on vacations. 

In January 2017, I became an official Lorna Jane Activator in Canada so that I could share a brand of fitness apparel that I love and wear with my readers in Canada that can't otherwise find Lorna Jane items stocked anywhere locally or conveniently. American buyers, our weaker Canadian dollar is very much in your favour!!

I'm also very happy that I can finally share my finds with my local gym community and friends since I've had so many questions about what cute bra or tank I'm wearing at the gym!